We revel in the creativity of constructing inspired campaigns and branding concepts that attract and engage the media and consumers - maximizing publicity, exposure and sales for our clients.

Our passion for the communications industry has helped us take our clients’ brands to the next level, achieving national recognition and attention on major media outlets.


Our clients have been featured on national networks such as USA TODAY, Huffington Post, HGTV and publications like Bold Life magazine.

"When I take on a project or client, I believe in the vision and ability to succeed."

As CEO of Mai Solutions, I am able to represent and guide individuals and corporations to reach their goals. I make sure we deliver results in every facet of a campaign with ambition and proactiveness that has a proven track record of success.


My experience providing 21st Century leadership within startups, turnaround challenges, and rapid growth situations in Fortune 500 companies allows me to be the consistent catalyst for change for your organization. Through Mai Solutions' dedicated team in education, coaching, and training, you'll l see results...and always with a commitment to excellence.

I look forward to providing you solutions to your success!

As a creative professional with a knack for directing and designing, coupled with the analytical mind of a strategist, I can intuitively understand people and situations quickly to overcome challenges.

Constantly curious, perceptive and absorbing information all around me,  I believe that possibilities are everywhere and am inspired by my surroundings.

With a background in Package Design, I have extensive and diverse skill sets of over 20 years in business and restaurant management. Additionally, I possess nearly 10 years in Museum Management and Curation.